Baby Boomers Issue a Mass Recall on Millennials Citing Major Defects

Wow, this is too funny!

The Daily Blond

9d2a966eb3c8ed96b680032c7de93b3dxLos Angeles- In a controversially strange yet very necessary move, Baby Boomers have decided to recall the entire Millennial generation due to unmitigated circumstances. The surprise move comes from the recent sightings of Millennial failures. With such catastrophic calamities caused by Millennials it’s clear there is a defect among them.

Issues such as: entitlement, thin skin, laziness, an aversion to hard work, and  unrealistic expectations of life and work, are the most noticeable glitches.

We were able to speak to an anonymous individual who spoke on turning in her defective Millennial.

“In the beginning during the early years, she worked like a charm. It wasn’t until the late teens, early 20s that I began to notice the malfunctions of my Millennial. She slept in late, hated working, and thought she should be rewarded for just “showing up”. Things got worse when she started blogging about it, gaining support from other…

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